Hi, I'm Ariam Ford. I'm a community planner by trade, self-driven by choice.

I am a City Planner by trade and self-driven by choice. I am deeply passionate about equitable development, community planning, and land use policy. My work focuses on community-led land use interventions, resident empowerment, and community data analysis, and using geospatial mapping to better understand and equip communities in their mission to improve their neighborhoods. 


My Services.

On Call Neighborhood Planner

Residents want the best for their communities. But sometimes, busy lives and limited resources can keep community champions and the organizations that serve them from taking action and accomplishing goals. That is where I come in. Let me help push your community vision forward!

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Municipal Liaison

  • Organizational Capacity

  • Strategic Action Planning

  • Event Planning

  • Meeting Facilitation

Community Data Analyst

Communities can choose what is best for them when they have the facts. Too often, important decisions affecting the rhythm and quality of life of a community are based on assumptions. Let me help your community use quantitative and qualitative data to explain and tackle community challenges.  

  • Background research and literature review

  • Research project design 

  • Data collection oversight

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • GIS mapping and spatial analysis

Non Profit Development Assistance

So you have a mission, a vision, and a plan to get there. All you need is the funds. Let me help you identify the best funding fit for your project!

  • Program design

  • Program budgeting

  • Formal grant proposals 


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison